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MarkOne is a web application that provides boat data on mobile devices. It is a research and development project at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz, known as HTWG. The project is being developed by students of the Applied Computer Science track and is led by Prof. Dr. Marko Boger. Our goal is to develop an App using advanced web technologies with one software stack for all relevant devices. It builds upon the Signal-K protocol and server, which translates the NMEA data on a boat's data bus to a format usable in web browsers. For optimal usage, your boat should be equipped with a Raspberry Pi, connected to the boat's NMEA cable.   But it is also usable in stand-alone mode, using the GPS data of your device, or in demo or simulation mode if you just want to explore its capabilities.  The project is provided as open-source and free of charge - but also without warranties - it is an ongoing research project, not a commercial product.

MarkOne - Key Features

The MarkOne Sailing App focuses on these features:


MarkOne gives you access to all data relevant to your sailing trip. Information that is traditionally provided on a multitude of displays or meters is now available in one place.


MarkOne gathers information and makes it available long-term. It documents the state of your boat, state of weather and changes thereof.


MarkOne is a mobile app that runs on your devices. On all of them.Fully synchronized. It runs on phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. You can access your data via Wifi or from the cloud, on your boat or from home.

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Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

All sailing data on your devices

You can now access all your boat data on your mobile device. Also, several devices can be connected at the same time. And data is automatically synchronised between them.

Accessible from All Locations

Connect to your server on the boat via WIFI or upload your data into the cloud and connect from anywhere. Imagine checking your boat data from the restaurant or from the comfort of your home.

Visit our Open Source Project on GitLab

MarkOne is an open source Project documented on GitLab. Feel free to checkout the insights of our Open Source Sailing App and contribute to the project!


An Open Source Sailing App

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